Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Feel the heart beat of the culture ... MAKE ROOM FOR LOVE

We are searching for our people. In a common day the reactions to exposure and symptoms that follow are difficult to explain to people. Science aka logic often falls short of comforting me when I am having a bout with symptoms. When a stranger deems me crazy for feeling/being sickened by a run of the mill product/fragrance/activity I can more easily let it go. When one of my potential people doesn't get it my mind clings to the need to defend. Writing the story of Sam and Sally, and now the continuing blog stories of these 'characters', was one way for me to detach from explanations and defenses. The Storyteller speaks for me, and I can take a break so-to-speak.

We are searching for our people. Part of the process of making a life in VARDOFORTWO is linking up with people who are willing to begin and sustain the learning process of living with MCS. I look around and see how small my circle of people has become. In part it is my style to count few, maybe one, loyal and trusted friend as 'my people.' This morning I woke from a restless sleep, and called one of my people. This pal lives a life that confounds others... if you don't live with the changed reality of a life in her body, it is near impossible to get your hands around it. We share that conundrum, and it seems to me making room for love bridges the space that could be filled with explanation and defense. Turtle Woman simply remains open to my reality and fills in the rest with love.

We are searching for our people. We all wish to be in the company of folks who like us. In the company of your people, there is a culture the keeps the beat, the heart beat. When you or he or she is out of step, your people will simply grab hold of your shoulder and dance with you until the heart beat and yours are in sync. Outside the circle of your people, a missed beat is a mistake and a reason to "deem". You know what I mean. Ever seen THE BEE GIRL? Here is a wonderful video, story and string of comments from ELSA P. my favorite astrowoman. Through her gleaning, I found a girl (now woman) who found her people. It's a glorious and delightful discovery, and a HOLIDAY! And as I said on her blog, "Elsa, you create unexpected holidays all the time." Thanks Elsa.

Hope your day is spent with your people,

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