Thursday, January 29, 2009

Know that wisdom is found in many places … SOFTEN THE GROUND OF YOUR BEING

My body has become hard. Constant defense can do that. I write from the edge of the futon with a woolen sock, snipped at the toes, so it fits around my knee like a mini-legging. My old yoga belt used in my life as practitioner and teacher support that knee. I moved 'hard' and something in my old joint went another way ... maybe. I have used heat and then did the RICE process (rest, ice,compression and elevation), and the swelling is done and I can move about with care.

The ringing in my ears may be coming from the blood pressure in my body. It's very high and needs to come down. I'm giving myself, with an okay from Dr. B, a few days to see whether adding magnesium to my body ... a powder, lowers my blood pressure. If it does ... there's a solution. If not, I have a prescription for lowering blood pressure I'd start using. The first prescription medication I would use in many years. I have a health opportunity to expand my boundaries and limitations. My old thinking may have become too hard and brittle to maintain a sustaining life. Perhaps in my zeal to challenge the 'ENEMY' I have become the enemy ... so said the great prophet POGO.

I am a young to the Earth soul, with a connection to things that are out of sync with the contemporary world, including I believe, the contemporary experiences caused by chemical abuse. Fighting and defense is not working in harmony with my soul's purpose ... and yet I have a very real physical body. The challenge of the physical world tests my soul, and then there are inspirations ... intuitive harmonics.

This morning I found this inspiring writing from the Organic Consumer's Organization. It's a piece of writing that offered me a connection with today's O`o ... Know that wisdom is found in many places. The title of the work is called 'The Healing Strength of INNER ECOLOGY' it resonated with me. With the messages I'm getting lately, softening the ground of my being is where I need to be now.

Here is an excerpt from this article, with an exquisite example of how one of Earth's First People maintain the inner ecology with a tiny mouse:

The Healing Strength of 'Inner Ecology'

By Leonardo Boff
Earthcharter Commission, January 18, 2009
Straight to the Source

"In the same way that there exists an external ecology, there also exists an inner ecology, comprised of solidarity, feelings of re-bonding with the whole, caring and loving. These ecologies are umbilically linked. ...The universe is not comprised just of a gathering of objects, but of the network of inter-relations among them, becoming subjects that exchange information and become richer.

Starting with inner ecology, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the trees, the mountains and the animals are not only just there, outside. Rather, they live in us, as figures and symbols charged with emotion. The experiences -good or traumatic- that we may have had with these realities have left profound imprints in our psyches. This explains our aversion towards some, or the affinity we feel towards others...

... In the final analysis, that spiritual unconscious is the expression of the very spirituality of the Earth and of the universe that erupted through us, who are the conscious part of the universe and of the Earth.

That profound spirituality helps us understand, for instance, the exemplary ecological attitude of the Sioux nation of North America. In some of their ritual celebrations, they celebrate a certain type of beans that grows deep in the soil and is very difficult to harvest. What do the Sioux do? They use the stores gathered to eat in the winter by a species of mouse native to the prairies of that area. Without that reserve they risk starvation. When taking the beans, the Sioux are clearly conscious that they are breaking their solidarity with brother mouse, and are stealing from him. This is why they offer this moving prayer: «You little mouse, who are sacred, have mercy on me. You are feeble, yes, but strong enough to do your job, because sacred powers communicate with you. You are also wise, because the wisdom of the sacred powers is always with you. May I also be wise in my heart, so that this dark and confusing life be transformed into permanent light.» And in a sign of solidarity, when they take the beans leave in their place small pieces of pork and corn. The Sioux thus feel spiritually united with the mice and with all of nature."


Mahalo Ke Akua e Na `Aumakua (thank you to the creator of ALL and the guardians of ALL)

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