Friday, January 23, 2009

Question for clarity when making decisions … ASK

We have taken to a new way of using the space in the basement apartment here in White Center. The Kitchenette is our primary safe haven, the space where we sleep. It also serves as place where we set-up the cooked food prepared outside; we watch movies here and catch Ugly Betty on Thursday nights. The trusted Sony laptop works in The Kitchenette as well. Beyond the green flannel and Denny Foil wall there are other rooms. These are the rooms that store our stuff, grow our wheatgrass, and serve as Pete's research and investigate center. The bedroom has become Pete's office, a place where he can go when I am sleeping, meditating, writing and doing my thing. If the bedroom door is open I hear the evolving style of questioning my dear man is learning. There are so many hours of phone calls recorded on that cellphone of his. Throughout the year of preparation and building our tiny mobile home, Pete has searched and queried dozens of craftsmen and specialized builders. Through his phone contact he discovers a lot. I have listened to many of his calls, and yet I'm glad I am beyond ear-shot for most of his calls. He always reviews the information he discovers from these sessions and lays out more questions for us to consider.

When the curved copper roof idea went up in smoke, we thought we'd just 'find another roofer' to do the original project. It hasn't worked that way. The process of questioning for clarity has broadened the search, and now the path seems to be bending back upon itself. An old bid left as not quite right is looking more attractive five months later. More shall be revealed, and then there's Mercury appearing, in the heavens, in a retrograde (backward) path. The winged messenger, Mercury, the communicator and instigator, in retrograde can stall a project, or allow for a re-think on a project. It seems appropriate that our original idea of a copper roof that morphed and tripled in price to $6,000 , goes through a re-view and re-do. Winter slows nature down. In spite of our willfulness even us humans slow down to consider using our time to clarify before making decisions. I admit sometimes I don't like the waiting or the process of asking so many questions, and then real life shows up and has its way with me ... lucky us.

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