Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feel the heartbeat of the culture … MAKE TIME FOR LOVE

My son sent me three recordings of his songs yesterday. They are wonderful, of course a Mama San would say they're wonderful ... really they are a trio of poetry, comedy and sultry balladeer. I listen to the lyrics he has written and hear the deep soul of a young man who is finding the heartbeat of the culture as he digs himself into the mud of the taro patches, paddles the waves off the shores of O`ahu and aligns himself with destiny. This, a boy born in the Pacific Northwest with a mother who always longed to be back on the islands. It's a tangy salve that heals my confusion, listening to his music during my first winter in fifteen years. "Sometimes, it happens that way." The title and lyrics from one of those songs suggests my son's knowing-ness.

The Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year, The Year of the Ox has begun. Slow and steady movement will be the course of the year, rebuilding if necessary the things that no longer work. Honest confusion may slow things down. Better slow than haughty haste.

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