Friday, January 30, 2009

Practice patience and endurance … TIMING IS DIVINE

I spent time with Akemi Gaines today. She has been working with me as an Akashic Record Reader and spiritual mentor. It is a very special time for me, truly a health opportunity based on broadening my foundation of spiritual connection. Today I asked Akemi to coach me through a session with my spirit guides to develop my intuition. It was a fun session where she shared her knowledge of soul development and evolution, a compliment to my practice as elder in training, and I got to ask questions and laugh with joy at progress. Makua O`o ... the Hawaiian description of a human being connecting to the "inner ecology" as Leonardo Boff calls it is a spiritual practice and yet the level at which a person experiences life can be limited. "We are after all only human." Some would say that is simply an excuse for acting without respect for life and responsibility to the Creator. We are human and we are responsible to the whole ... not the boss, simply an equal part of everyone.

The nine tools, o`o, in Hawaiian, have given me a structure to depend upon when the experiences of life seem difficult/incomprehensible/chaotic, or when I forget the I am not the boss of the universe. Sharing Makua O`o here offers a space to encourage others on their own spiritual paths. Many First People turn to the teachings based on the Universe, meaning all creators in the universe have lessons to teach. Bees have a purpose and lessons to teach: love, community, loyalty, indiscriminate sharing. They know nothing about individuation. Skunk has a purpose and lesson to teach: respect. Through their example, they demand respect and if you mess with them, you wear the smell of a marked being ... others will leave you isolated until you get the message. Each of the o`o gives me a chance to reflect on the sense of my everyday.

The timing for growth and different solutions in The Earth's contemporary world is divine, and it is now. I have worn a deep and broad path of learning patience and endurance in my sixty-one years. I have literally worn my self and my soul out. Akemi shared hope with me today, reassuring me that new life, a new soul fresh and innocent has come to be with my dear self. I am re-newed, literally. In years past I would have been too afraid to open myself this time form of spiritual development. Today, I am not afraid. The physical challenges and life lessons thus far have been many and included experiences of abuse, and separation, and I have endured. Now, there is a whole new slate upon which I can create a new life story. I'm thrilled with the news, and appreciate Ke Akua's incredible heart of love. The love spills into me.

Evolving spiritual health is the key to new solutions, a major key to the miracle of transformation. I have experienced the struggle of physical symptoms that limit and confine me. I have been humbled by them and share what I learn, and how I learn. As the next cycle of four 'OLE DAYS begins tomorrow, I have plenty to re-view and a relationship with my spirit guides that can only grow stronger and more valuable because I have made the commitment to call upon them. They like that!

Do you use your intuition? How do you receive the messages?

TOMORROW, SATURDAY, THE COMMENTS ARE ENABLED FOR THE WEEK-END. I'll be back on Wednesday with a new post. Have some fun! As my friend Nancy likes to say, "Why not!"

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