Saturday, January 10, 2009


The comment link is now happening. If you're reading and have something to share ... a thought about the posts this week on Makua O`o, what's your spiritual practice. I don't understand it, and don't have a techie in my house ... so, join in if you care to.

Lots of aloha,



  1. Thank you for these posts, this blog - it helps me reconnect to what the effects of MCS often disconnect.

  2. Dear Linda, Thank YOU. This weekend was a rough go, just when I think the illness has eased I had one of those times when the bottom falls out, and I forget everything good. If this blog gives one other person a place of comfort that is good.

    Love, Mokihana

  3. It was a very powerful full moon and a rough weekend for many.

    There's something about how the MCS affects our brains, it does take the good things away 1st, and it does take a while to develop new connections and abilities, much like after a stroke.

    I've noticed my grasp on self-protection has loosened a lot lately too, and I'm struggling to "remember" and express what I need to do to stay safe, especially with other MCS disasters continually (it seems) cropping up.


    We've made it through this far, and with a determination to make it through whatever as if in the calm center of the hurricane, we can get through the next few months too.

    Our best IS enough! We have to remember that.


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