Saturday, January 24, 2009


Good morning,

Outside I see the frosty lawn, an Alaska Airlines jet moves in for a landing and a winter bird gobbles the sunflower seeds Pete has strewn on the walkway. Inside the heater is warming us a I listen to Dennis Pavao singing about ka leo o ke kai (the song of the ocean). I long for the Islands with an ache that shivers me. I shift the ache into appreciating the sounds of my Island homeplace on a cd and the ache gentles. I sit with the moment with peppermint tea and time here on Makua O`o. Welcome ... Comments have been 'turned on' for all the posts now, and we welcome your words here.

O ka mea ua hala, ua hala ia
What is gone is gone.
There is no use in recalling hurts of the past.

How are you liking this space for silent retreat and consideration?

A hui hou, Mokihana


  1. "How are you liking this space for silent retreat and consideration?"

    Silently appreciating...
    : )


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