Saturday, January 10, 2009


The Moon is full in the sign of Cancer tonight. The bounty of all thoughts and energy is available to us on a full moon. I have enjoyed sharing the first week of meditations and musings here at Makua O`o. Committing to this practice of 'elder in training' gives me purpose, the ups and downs of a changing reality and a waxing and waning clarity can be lonely. Learning to live with the effects of the environment/choices others make/choices I make becomes complicated when living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. And yet, I know my unique personality and the lessons my Sustaining Soul have to learn here on Earth have a better chance when I make time to believe I'm here to be an 'elder' ... an adult I respect, a leader, learner, loving teacher.

This week the five tools or O`o I used (and five posts I wrote) were:

  1. Keep a keen sense of observation … NOTICE
  2. Listen … with your whole body LISTEN RESPECTFULLY
  3. Do your best in all things … BELIEVE YOUR BEST IS ENOUGH.
  4. Know that wisdom is found in many places … SOFTEN THE GROUND OF YOUR BEING
  5. Believe in Ke Akua, for this higher power makes all life possible … WE ARE NEVER ALONE
I ended the first week of posts using few words, choosing instead to focus on the beautiful photograph "Temple of the Bees" by Nirvan Hope. Many words and passionate activism were used to express my sadness and outrage in the name of the bees. Link here to that post at VARDOFORTWO. There is a place for activism in a life of peace-making. I seem to recall something the Dali Lama says about compassion having that same essence. Compassion without action is empty/dead?

Malama pono,